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Kanche - Telugu: Krish proves once again he is a good craftsman and story teller. I was very happy to finally see a World War movie from India. 25 million Indians fought and 1.5 million were martyred in WW II and we never recognized them. Kanche tells the story of a few such Indian soldiers and juxtaposes it with the love story of the protagonists, in the context of pre independence India and its entrenched caste and class boundaries. The best part of the movie is Krish got the length just right, even if the last song could have been edited out to make it an even tighter screenplay. All the actors did their parts well, with Gollapudi Maruti Rao excelling. 

 Premam - Malayalam: Sadly, i did not understand most of the dialogues, but i understood what was going on. Reminded me of Autograph a bit, obviously. A very good movie which i am sure will go the Drisyam way and get remade in 4-5 languages. I hope they dub it in Telugu because i am absolutely sure the authenticity will not be retained in a remake, and the freshness will be sacrificed for a famous name and star power. A pity really that Sai Pallavi who played Malar, has an impressive screen presence and a mesmeric smile, and literally owns the film is a Telugu girl but she will never get cast in any role of importance in Telugu movies, such is the way of Telugu movies.

Both movies have excellent female charecters. Kanche's heroine Rachakonda Seetha Devi is a confident young woman with strong conviction and courage. She is also decisive. Premam's heroines look real, pimples included unlike photoshopped magazine covers which and most Hindi and Telugu movies never seem to grow up from. 

Both movies also share excellent cinematography and production values, which need not mean high budget, but a clarity of though and meticulous execution by the director and cinematographer. Kudos! I especially liked the symbolism of butterflies in Premam. But then, who doesn't like Butterflies ?

P.S. I can't seem to get tired of Malare....and the theme music! Rajesh Murugesan's done a splendid job.


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