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Liberation Day

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On this day in 1948, the people of the erstwhile Hyderabad state of India (constituting present day Telangana, Vidarbha and Hyderabad Karnataka) were freed from the tyranny of Nizam rule and became part of the Indian union. 

Contrary to some of the falsehoods being spread around the internet, the state of Hyderabad during 1940's was not a fully independent domain, but a protectorate of the empire under the 'Treaty of Subsidiary Alliance' signed in 1800. It was only the delusion of the Nizam that he could be Independent after the fall of the empire, that led him to declare independence on 15th Aug 1947. 

A vast majority of people of the state, Hindus and Muslims alike, wanted to join the Indian union, but the Nizam,  emboldened by a violent army of extremists called as  Razakars led by Quasim Razvi, continued to defy the will the people and adopted a confrontationist attitude. He even attempted discussions with Pakistan and offered a grant of Rs 20 crores (200 million) to them, which was in contravention of the 'Standstill Agreement' signed with the government of India.

With the increasing civil unrest in the state, with more and more private armies being formed to counter the Razakars, and with the violence escalating, the government of India had to take action and thanks to Operation Polo, the Nizam finally surrendered and in his own words, denounced the Razakars thus: "This group headed by Kasim Razvi had no stake in the country or any record of service behind it. By methods reminiscent of Hitelerite Germany it took possession of the State, spread terror ... and rendered me completely helpless."

Thus, a full year after the rest of India became Independent, we the people of Hyderabad celebrated freedom too!

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