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One City and Two States

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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them - Albert einstein.

Like i mentioned here, the principal and justified reason for the origin of seperatism is regional imbalance in development. In this light, it is funny at best and tragically ironic at worst that the discourse about identifying a new capital for the newly forming state of Andhra is centered on where to find 15000 acres of (or was it 80000 ?) government land!

Why would a state capital have anything to do with availability of land for industries ? All it needs to administer a state is a secretariat and a few other office buildings and 10 or so colonies for the employees to live in. After all, before the IT and Pharma industries set base in Hyderabad in late 90's, we managed to be a capital city which worked just fine.

Like Aamir Khan said in an episode of Satyamev Jayate we transport water from rural areas to urban areas and then cry foul when people migrate to urban areas because there is no life sustaining infrastructure in their villages. Why do we need to concentrate all the development in the capital and attract people from all corners of the state (any state) there? Who does it profit except some real estate sharks and conniving politicians?

The two new states could do worse than learn from the experiences and from Albert Einstein and set the respective houses in order. A population of 9 crores needs 5-6 major centers of employment and development. Here are somethings that can be done to ensure decentralization and equitable development of the two states:

  1. No more industries and land allocation in and around Hyderabad. Offer land, water in Adilabad and Nizamabad for industries (harness Godavari water) and actually shift IIT to Basar.
  2. Show some fight in the Parliment to get train connectivity from Secunderabad to northern Telangana districts within the next two railway budgets.
  3. Establish seperate Administrative, Judicial, Industrial and Educational capitals in both the states.
  4. Prioritize Agriculture and Manufacturing sectors which are not dependent on macro economic factors unlike Services.

Or both the states can continue down the flawed path thinking of one capital as a center of all development spiral down the path of more and more regional unrest.More districts will want their own states, and why not?

Telugu people are industrious and intelligent. Along with other cultural groups of India, they are unique in the entire world in surviving colonialism with minimal damage to their ancient heritage. But they suffered immense damage in the first 40 years of Indeoendent India under successive governments. Whatever development we have had in the last 15-20 years was concentrated in Hyderabad which not only excluded large parts of a large state but also put unbearable strain on Hyderabad and its water and severage systems which were pushed to limits. Now is a chance to mitigate this imbalance. I hope history will chose the leaders it deserves at this crucial juncture. What destiny lies ahead for the two states, i will be watching intently. Hopeful and fingers crossed.

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