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Waiting for May 16

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One of the most awaited general election results in a generation will be out tomorrow.

Here is to Narendra Modi. Hope he wins an absolute majority and does not need any coalation partners. It would be right comeuppance for the entire commie leftist brigade who have been spewing venom about him for the last decade and more. Almost the entire national English mainstream media has campaigned for the dynasty and their family firm but there is only so many people one can fool and for so long.

The main stream english media continues to throw random adjectives like honest and integrity while describing the outgoing PM, who has shamed the high office and violated the constitutional oath he took. Just because he personally did not fill his bank accounts, is it fine to call him honest when he knowingly allowed nations wealth, which was placed in trust with him to be looted. I don't think so, whatever Man Mohan Singh's good qualities may be, honesty and integrity are not among them, neither is efficiency. He was always the yes man who obeyed his then boss P V Narasimha Rao which heralded the period of Economic Reforms in India then, and he obeyed his now bosses Sonia and Rahul now, we know the result.

The turnout this time has been record high and the citizens have voted the incumbent government out with their feet already.

Thanks to the internet, mainstram media can only go so far in forming public opinion. A more informed electorate will have the last laugh this time. I hope we have seen the last of the dynasty. India deserves better governance!


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